Sex & Nudity:Edit

Sex & Nudity: 5/10.

The entire film follows the murder and rape of a little girl. The rape is not shown, although in quick flashbacks and it is discussed in graphic detail.

A woman is shown laying in a bathub filled with water (no nudity is shown).

A woman tries to make a man having interest in having sex with her. This is not done.

A serial rape is discussed.

Violence & Gore:Edit

Violence & Gore: 10/10.

The entire movie is very bloody and gory as for most of the horrorfilms.

- A young girl is raped (partially offscreen) and she has her eyes stacked out with a knife (a lot of blood is shown in this scene).

- A woman comes home and finds on her wall written in blood: "IT IS NOT OVER YET".

- A woman's throat is slit open (blood literally pours out like a fountain graphically). We later see her body laying in a pool of blood.

- A woman finds a corpse with it's eyes gouged out, throat cut open and stabbed multiple times in the midsection. Very bloody and scary!

- A man finds a severed finger in his pockets. This is a very jumpy scene.

- A man is stabbed in the abdomen by the killer and the killer cuts it across his torso and then yanks the knife out (we see his blood and intestines pour on the floor).

- A woman comes home and finds her entire house covered in blood and words written in blood. Very scary and graphic!

- A woman finds a severed head in her kitchen and we see bloody tissue hanging out of the stump.

- A man is stigmatized and we see his skin burning off. We later see his completely charred corpse.

- A woman shoots two police officers (we see blood and matter spray) and then she shoots the killer (we see blood spray).


Profanity: 6/10.

40 uses of "fuck" and it's deravatives, non sexual context. Some uses of "shit" and some crude references.


Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: 7/10.

We see several ghetto's and we see teenagers smoking joints. This is shown very clearly and also shown multiple times although it is unsignificant.

Some unsignificant smoking.

Frightening/ Intense Scenes:Edit

Frightening/ Intense Scenes: 10/10.

The entire film is very bloody and gory and contains some NC-17 rating elements.

The killer might scare viewers off.

The scenes with the woman coming home and finding blood or a corpse might be scary.

The rape is disturbing.

total count examination: 38/50.

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