Sex & Nudity:Edit

Sex & Nudity: 7/10.

The first 5 minutes show the credits which depicts sexual slavery and drug trafficking in black-and-white. Nothing graphic is shown from the credits.

A man grabs a woman and is about to rip off her clothing to rape her, but this is prevented (a quite intense scene).

One of the characters is a female who always walks around in only her panties and a bra, breasts are not clearly visible.

A man makes remarks to a woman saying he will "fuck her around like a sex doll". This is not shown.

A man and a woman kiss passionetely and land on a bed and the woman begins thrusting and the scene ends which implies that they're gonna have sex.

Some scenes of domestic violence against women.

Violence & Gore:Edit

Violence & Gore: 8/10.

This is one of the most minor violent films of Puck van de Beek, but when there is violence it can be quite bloody.

- Two men severely beat up a woman and show her to the ground (we see her bloody face and a black eye). One of them then almost rips her clothes off to rape her, but a man arrives and shoots both of the men dead with a shotgun (we see them being blown to ground with a little to no blood shown). He is later seen burying the bodies and then they're a lot more bloody.

- A police officer says he will shoot his partner. This is ment funny and not done.

- A chase between a couple and a group of mobsters who shoot everywhere in a nightclub trying to hit them (one man is shot through the head and we see blood spray).

- SPOILER: the main mobster is shot multiple times with a shotgun (we see a lot of blood spraying from the large bullet wounds).

Other than that, there is mostly a lot of threatening or reference to violence. There are also intense chase scenes which involve people almost shot with a gun but never someone is hit.


Profanity: 8/10.

61 uses of the F-word, some in sexual context and some derivatives. Some uses of "nigga" and various of "hel" and "damn". Some references to rape too, which are quite crude.


Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: 6/10.

A part of the film involves drug trafficking. We see the packages being delivered and one of the man tests the cocaine by putting it into his mouth and then spewing it out again.

The main character is a drug-addict and is shown snorting cocaine several times.

A man drinks whiskey from a flask in one scene.

Frightening/ Intense Scenes:Edit

Frightening/ Intense Scenes: 10/10.

Some of the violence might be sudden and shocking due to it's sometimes bloody results.

A theme of the movie is sexual slavery and that's definately not something which young viewers should watch.

The tone is crude, intense and violent.

total count examination: 39/50.

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