Sex & Nudity:Edit

Sex & Nudity: 10/10.

Lots of crude sexual references throughout.

Women stand completely naked during the race (breasts, vagina and buttocks completely visible but very blurry).

A man flirts with a woman and asks her if she would like to perform a hickey on him. This is shown in explicit detail and we hear kissing and licking and sucking.

A bartender makes a crude sexual remark concerning the size of his girlfriend's butt.

A man and a woman kiss passionetely. After they finished, she licks him in the face very sexually.

A man and a woman discuss the "c*nt" of the sexual god Venus. This is ment funny.

A man seems to be masturbating of the completely naked sexy ladies.

A racer begins masturbating of the completely naked sexy ladies and his car stops working. This is ment funny but still graphically depicted.

A man shows sexual acts in a sex club on a photo.

Violence & Gore:Edit

Violence & Gore: 10/10.

The entire film's violence is very graphic, disturbing and brutal but often ment funny. Also a lot of threatening with violence.

- A man is decapitated by a flying car tire (we see blood and guts lay in a pool of gore).

- A car explodes with somebody inside and we see his charred corpse.

- A hooligan is driven over by a car (we see blood splatter on the car windows).

- A group of hooligans forcefully crash a car and take out the driver and begin to viciously beat him (we see him screaming and blood on the side of his face) and he is then beaten to death with a baseball bat off-screen. We later see his body covered in blood and bruises.

- A man has glass prodded into his face of his car-windows and we see his bloodied face.

- A woman's face is torn to bloody pulp by a driving car-wheel. We see skin getting torn off graphically.

- A man is crushed by a car motor (we see blood splatter graphically).

- A man's head is impaled on a steering wheel (we hear sounds of his nose breaking in half and then see his bloodied and gory face).

- A race-host is shot dead by a hooligan (we see blood splash out of the other side).

- A man is thrown out of a car and impaled on a large hook (blood spurts out of his mouth graphically).

- Hooligans are shown beating people to death with baseball bats or bare hands.

- A man shoots another man in a bar (nothing graphic is shown).


Profanity: 10/10.

There are obviously 192 uses of "fuck" and it's derivatives, most of them in sexual context. Some uses of "cunt" and "bitch" and also some minor uses of "shit" "hell" and "god-damn". Some sexual crude remarks and references.


Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: 7/1-.

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