R | 1 hr 59 min | Adventure/ Mystery/ Thriller/ Drama/ Romance/ Crime.

A photographer loses his wife after she is killed by a hand-grenade on the war-zone he was photographing. Years later, he decides to take photos and do a report on a beach in Pennsylvania. There he meets the attractive Ayla in which he develops a one-night-stand relationship. He later discovers that Ayla was connected to a mysterious gangster and sexual slavery so he travels back to Pennsylvania to save her.


Matt Damon - Bob Griffin.

Elisa Cuthberg - Ayla.

Mahesh Manjrekar - The Mummy.

Plot Keywords: Loss Of A Loved One/ Beach/ Pennsylvania/ Photography/ Gangster/ Slavery/ Salvation.

MPAA: Rated R for bloody violence, sexuality and graphic nudity, language and drug content.

Parents Guide: View content advisory for Sun Heat.

Also Known As: Stef Van Heugten's Sun Heat.

Trivia for Sun Heat.

FAQ for Sun Heat.

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