R | 2 hrs 27 min | Drama/ Crime/ Thriller.

In 1989, the 12-year-old James and his younger severely autistic 10-year-old brother Sammy were forced to watch how their parents were shot & killed by an angry mob, they had to flee because the mob was behind them too only to find shelter at a pedophile priest. After escaping, James and Sammy loose contact when Sammy is adopted at a youth nursing home. James leaves the country, get's a fine job and a girlfriend. However, 20 years later, after hearing that Sammy has brutally killed half of the nursing home and escaped James goes back to find his brother who turns out to have been occured by the criminal underworld. James realizes he has to finish off the past and the demons who now again follow him.


Clive Owen - James (age 32).

Javier Bardem - Sam "Sammy" (age 30).

Troye Sivan - James (age 12).

Mackintosh Muggleton - Sam Sammy (age 10).

Richard Jenkins - Priest Harris.

Djimon Hounsou - Anthony Carlinos.

Josh Hartnett - Dad.

Alice Braga - Mommy.

Plot Keywords: Autism/ Boys/ Mafia/ Mob/ Fugitive/ Loss Of A Loved One/ Gangster/ Escape/ Reunion.

MPAA: Rated R for brutal violence, pervasive language, sexuality and some drug use.

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