R | 2 hrs 27 min | Action/ History/ Comedy/ Thriller/ War.

After the death of Remus, a group of cold-hearted civilians are set to brutally kill and gouge the eyes out of members of the Roman army in an unpeaceful Röme. In the meantime, Romulus plans to brutally go on war with the Sabines.


Hugh Laurie - Lt. Alfredo Liv.

Juan Keeris - Dio Assassino/ Srgt. Mario Palini.

Peter Greene - Kan Pedro.

Toby Stephens - Romulus.

Jackie Earl Haley - General Victor Sadimico.

Plot Keywords: Sadism/ War/ History/ Mercenary/ Rome/ Revenge/ Italia/ Romulus/ Alternate History.

MPAA: Rated R for strong action and bloody violence throughout, strong language and some sexuality.

Parents Guide: View content advisory for Republican Assassin.

Also Known As: Puck van de Beek's Republican Assassin.

Trivia for Republican Assassin.

FAQ for Republican Assassin.

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