R | 1 hr 45 min | Action/ Crime/ Drama/ Thriller.

The film follows 9-year-old Eric Cullen who was kidnapped on Halloween together with two of his best friends by a mysterious man and send to a Catholic church to live as a slave at the church. When things go out of the hand there they're brutally tortured by the priests and nuns who live there. What they don't know is that one of the priests is also a pedophile and uses his male slaves for sexual pleasure. His best friend ultimately die, but Cullen survives and escapes when the church's criminal activities are explained. However, nobody is caught and in the meantime a now 27-year-old Eric Cullen becomes belligerent and decides to brutally kill everyone who was involved with his kidnapping, the church and the death of his friends.


Freddy Rodriguez - Eric Cullen (27-years-old).

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