Juan Keeris an American film-director and screenplay writer who has collabrated a lot with Puck van de Beek and various famous actors like Will Smith and Kris Kristoffersen. He is most known for directing often crimefilms with lots of rude humor who often gain a cultstatus. His best known films are:


Pacts (1984)

Praising Aruba! (1987)

The Crossover (1990)

Stimuli Controlment X (1991)

The Love Interest (1994)

Freeway (1996)

The Big Lefty (1998)

The History Of Sports (2000)

The Stranglers (2004)

No Mercy For The Untouchable (2007) (part of Action Film Festival)

The Local Encourage (2008)

Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark (2010)

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