R | 2 hrs 28 min | Drama/ Biography.

Based on the true story of David Grunman who, while in the desert, shoot up a Saguaro but was impaled and severely injured by the large cactus and struggled as long enough to survive in the abadoned desert. The movie tells his life before the accident and when it happened which ultimately resulted in his death.


Tobey Maguire - David Grunman.

Michael Parks - Sheriff.

Golbon Eghtedari - Tim.

Ali Larter - Samira.

Plot Keywords: True Story/ Accident/ Life/ Desert/ Last Hours/ Survival/ Biography/ Saguaro Cactus.

MPAA: Rated R for language and a graphic bloody accident scene.

Parents Guide: View content advisory for Hour Of Survival.

Also Known As: Hour Of Survival: Based On A True Story.

Trivia for Hour Of Survival.

FAQ for Hour Of Survival.

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